Sunday, 12 February 2012

HTC Phones vs Nokia Phones - The Best mobiles in the Industry

With the exponential, never ending demand for mobile phones, many manufacturers have come up in the industry and are constantly striving to be the best. There are many manufacturers out there, but only a few could make their way to the top. Nokia and HTC are two such names. Nokia, as well know have been among the top five since awhile. HTC has also gradually emerged among the leading names in the mobile phone industry.

Nokia, a Finnish multinational communications corporation produces mobile devices and also offers internet services like games, maps, music, etc. through its Ovi platform. Nokia phones are known for their advanced technologies and at the same time for being highly user friendly. It has given its fans some tough phones, which are best for rougher use, still contains all the sophisticated features and supports the highest of applications. It has given us some extraordinary smartphones like Nokia X6 8GB, Nokia C7, Nokia N8 and so on. And the phones like Nokia E7, Nokia C5 - O3, etc. are among the most anticipated smartphones.

HTC Corporation, is a Taiwan - based smartphone manufacturer, whose initial phones were based on Microsoft's Windows mobile software. Lately HTC phones had their base shifted to the Android operating system. This corporation is popular for their wide range of touchscreen mobile phones. They have contributed to the mobile phone industry with some incredible phones like HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire, HTC Legend, etc. They also have some great upcoming phones like HTC desire Z, HTC 7 Mozart, etc. which are definite to create revolutions in the market.

Nokia phones and HTC phones, both the latest and the upcoming ones, can be bought at real low rates with the mobile phone deals of top UK service providers like Vodafone, O2, Three, etc. The deals are available as contract an pay as you go, put of which the contract deals come with many offers and gifts, making your deal double as lucrative. With the pay as you go deals, however, you can have more flexibility regarding payment.


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