Tuesday, 2 August 2011

HP Touch Pad Wi-Fi gets webOS 3.0.2 update

HP Touch Pad gets webOS 3.0.2 update.It is mainly release to improve the functionality, performance and to introduce reliable enhancements. This over-the-air web OS is released based on the customer feedback. Touchpad Wi-Fi hold some of the handy features.

Faster page scrolling, e-mail management, calendar lay-out improvement and auto-corrections are some of the interesting alterations. Here is the detailed web OS 3.0.2 details,


  • Quicker Just Type event search and event creation
  • Improved handling of meeting cancellations


  • Faster scrolling
  • Improved message content and image display
  • Improved management of multiple emails in Draft and Outbox views


  • Reduced audio skipping when the device is running other applications
  • Better display of album art

Photos & Videos

  • Added ability to set wallpapers
  • Faster and more reliable handling of individual photos and albums

Text Assist

  • Improved speed and accuracy of auto-corrections


  • Increased scrolling support compatibility within web pages
  • Improved performance of remote HTML5 video playback
  • Improved responsiveness of auto correction within the browser

webOS System

  • Fixed issues with oversensitive screen rotation


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