Thursday, 18 August 2011

Juvenis India Against Corruption Mobile Application for Anna Hazare Jan Lok Pal

Currently India is dealing with highly sensational issue, Lok Pal. To fuel this National Movement, developers of Juvenis Technologies has unveiled India Against Corruption (IAC) mobile application. Anna Hazare and responsible citizen's demand for Jan Lok Pal is on the move and still virtually connects many LIKES and Tweets through Facebook and Twitter.

The role of social network is absolutely vital from the fact that Kiran Bedi has tweeted even before the last minute of her arrest. This IAC mobile app plays well on Android and Nokia smartphones where one may get more details on features of polling, news feeds, event updates, video feeds, etc.

It can be accessible by both national and international users.And further through 'Stay Connected', you may give missed call to +9122661550789 or register voice message to show your support. The donate aspect will also enable you to contribute.

IAC Mobile App is rocking with a record of 1000 - 5000 downloads and increasing by the day.It possess SD card support and are enabled over 150 handsets.

If you are interested just download the app from here

By sharing this i personally volunteer myself against CORRUPTION...


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