Thursday, 28 July 2011

Edelman BlogLevel and TweetLevel to Know Social Media 'Influentials'

Edelman, the globally recognized PR firm has launched a spectacular communication platform for absolutely free. The BlogLevel and version of 2.0 TweetLevel rock as influential tools and pointout who is influential on a particular topic, on a designated platform.

They are based on  original TweetLevel which MTV used to select its first “Twitter Jockey,” dubbed one of the top Twitter moments of 2010.

The influentials for TweetLevel and BlogLevel are found in Twitter and Blog space respectively.These tools are built on proprietary algorithms using 40 dissimilar metric to trace and score bloggers and tweeters of different nations and language.

The influential tools project the people who scored highest for their best  initiative ideas and the persons who amplifies it and getting substantial followers.TweetLevel and BlogLevel have already undergone Beta-testing by more than 400 people of various profession including journalists, professors, industry analysts, marketing professionals, journalists and brand marketer.

They have implented the tools to track the,
  • the most relevant and influential users on various topics
  • the amount of buzz and noise around a specific area
  • the dialogues people are having and the links they’re sharing
  • what any given tweeter or blogger is discussing, influencing and being influenced by
It is a progress for blogging concept as discussed by  onny Bentwood, director and head of influencer engagement, Edelman UK, led the development of both tools and explains how the tools differ from others designed to track influence: “Most of the other tools that are out there focus exclusively on Twitter and Facebook profiles and ignore other online activities like blogging.   With BlogLevel and TweetLevel, we can consider influence more holistically.  For example, it’s clear that blogs are more influential when their content is search-optimized and discussed in social media channels like Twitter, so those are metrics we’ve built into BlogLevel.”

These tools would definitely enables to run effective campaigns and to produce more intelligent reports for clients by knowing the exact thread-starter(influencer) and influentials.

Distinct Features of BlogLevel and TweetLevel

  • Distinct metrics for “idea starters” vs. “amplifiers”: BlogLevel and TweetLevel distinguish between people who are “idea starters”– the people who originate ideas or are first to surface news – and the “amplifiers”’ who spread other peoples’ ideas. Both are influential, but BlogLevel and TweetLevel recognize and emphasize their influence differently.
  • BlogLevel algorithm considers the discussions on other social media platforms and search optimization: Unlike other blog ranking tools, BlogLevel ranks importance by how much a post is discussed on Twitter and how optimized the blog’s content is for search.
  • Broadcast to engagement ratio: TweetLevel places higher rankings on people who engage in conversation and post relevant content as opposed to those who simply post their views.  TweetLevel analyzes every tweet to help communicators match their brands and issues with the right people, increasing the efficiency and relevance of influencer outreach and engagement efforts.


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