Saturday, 30 July 2011

Facebook "Expected:Child" Status for Pregnant Woman to Make Public

The social networking site Facebook values emotions and has unleashed a new option for pregnant woman to set their status as "Expected: Child" to their profiles. Google+ move has made this SNS to think ahead and incorporate new stuff to retain their followers.

With this option one may share her due date and even the chosen baby names. This is a simple way to propagate that they are pregnant to their family, well-wishers and friends list.Facebook has initiated the option of adding Family Members on Account last December.

Then recently announce exclusive business page to improve the life-style of growing business sectors.But this "Expected:Child" option enable them to share without creating any pages.They could simply edit their profile settings and choose "Expected:Child" to share their joyous moments.(Read More:Facebook Business Page, A New Social Media Marketing Tool)

Some may feel this is absurd and akward to share but it is definitely a boon for persons who are lazy enough to convey this face-to-face and by phone calls. Any how this would help for statistical persons to approximate the expected population in near future.

But to be honest technology has ruined our innate emotions and made it virtual.

src image:BBC

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